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Portale SRM - Science and Religion in Media

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 Project Riduci

The way science is communicated in the Media and its impact on Religion.

Based at: UPRA - Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum - Roma

Connected to:

- STOQ Project

- Science and Faith Diploma Program

- School of Philosophy

- School of Bioethics

The study group organizes monthly meetings on how Science is communicated by the Media and how this communication influences the Faith and the Religion of people.

Some evaluation models will be built to measure this influence.

The meetings host Media professionals and experts in Science communication and popularization, clerics, teachers and catechists, journalists, students, testimonials, people interested in these issues.

Some of the meetings are restricted to members of the Group in order to study in depth the themes, while other meetings are open to the general public.



 Targets Riduci

The principle objective is to analyze Science communication and popularization, and the relationships with Religion and Faith.

This will offer students from the ongoing «Science and Faith Diploma Program» and other students of both Regina Apostolorum and European University to participate in open sessions and acquire credits for their respective study programs.

We will present and analyze theories, issues, methodologies and common procedures of science communication in the Media and see how these relate to the religious and ethical principles and teachings.

People working or studying Science communication and popularization will give witness to their experiences and to how they understand and live the relationship between their profession and their Religion. They will also highlight what moral or intellectual difficulties or incompatibility they have found in the exercise of their profession.

Case histories, publications and cultural productions on these issues will be studied in order to highlight the cultural tools and guiding lines involved.

Together with authors, journalists and editors analysis and commentaries on texts, press articles, tv programmes will be done in order to know the languages that is used and to understand the perceived and unconscious communication effects of these works.

Scientist will also be asked to participate in order to have their input about the popularization of science by the Media and its impact on the Faith of students, audience, people in general interested in science.

As is usually done in the case of Media the effects of Media on the religious perception will be measured.

So, evaluations studies will analyze the messages, techniques and effects, consequently proposing a theory and some possible methods for analysis and qualitative and quantitative evaluation.


 Documentation Riduci

We're going to publish documentation of SRM  2006/2007 Meetings.

All this documentation will be collected in a final documentation, also available in multimedia format (DVD and web), that will thus embody a fairly complete study of the Science in the media and its impact on Religion.

Every meeting are also  recorded, using professional video equipment, for the production of a final DVD, and other multimedia contents, that are currently available for broadcast multiplatform (Web, TV, digital Tv).


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